Gourmet Popcorn and Jelly Beans

JellyBeans & Popcorn

Header Bags 

The most popular jelly bean giveaway is our Header Bag.  Using either Mixed or "By-Colour" Jelly Beans packaged in a cellophane bag with a full colour sticker. Available in Mini, Small, Medium or Large to suit various budgets per giveaway.

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Mini Header Bag
Size: 65mm x 40mm

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Small Header Bag
Size: 65 x 70mm

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Medium Header Bag
Size: 80 x 100mm

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Large Header Bag
Size: 100 x 125mm

Jelly Beans in PVC Containers

We also have a selection of PVC containers for jelly beans, ranging from small tubes to clear buckets and tubs.  Branding on the PVC containers is done with a full colour vinyl sticker.  Other packaging is also available on request such as Mini Glass Jars, Organza Bags, Printed boxes. Email us with your requirements!


Jelly Bean Tubes

Size: 140 x 13 x 15mm

Jelly Bean Tubes contain 20g's of Jelly Beans.  Either mixed or "By-Colour" with a full colour sticker on one side only.   Note: Vertical logos are not recommended. We suggest Horizontal Logos or messages only.

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Jelly Bean Tube

Jelly Bean Round Tub

Size: 90mm diameter x 45mm

Jelly Bean Round Tubs contain 180g's of either mixed or "By-Colour" jelly beans with a full colour sticker on the lid.  Size of Sticker: 70mm diameter.

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Jelly Bean Tub

Jelly Bean Bucket

Size: 75 x 85mm

The Jelly Bean Bucket contains approximately 180g's of either mixed or "By-colour" jelly beans. It includes a full colour sticker either on the lid (Size: 60mm Diameter) or on the front of the bucket.  (Size: 60 x 60mm)

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Jelly Bean Bucket


Our Decadent Gourmet Popcorn is coated in Caramel made from Real Butter and smothered in our unique, delicious flavoured chocolate, available in 15 delicious flavours to suit all tastes.  From kids flavours such as Cream Soda, Strawberry Pop and Peanut Butter, to the yummy Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Almond Rocca to our Cocktail Gin and Tonic and Pink Champagne (non-alcoholic).  


Our Gourmet Popcorn is available in various packaging.  

Either our Standard Gourmet Pop Boxes in various sizes, or our Zip lock Pouches for a quick tasty treat.


Our new ZIPS are available in 40g, 90g and 180g pouches are a fantastic new addition to our popcorn range.  These are available in Gourmet Assorted, Kids Flavours and Poptail options.


Our Standard Box packaging is available in 40g, 70g and 100g.  The gourmet and cocktail flavours are packaged in the Black and white Gourmet Pop Branded box while the Kids flavours have fun and funky animal packaging dependent on the flavour.  

Boxes can be fully branded if required for special events or corporate requirements

For Corporates:

Our 20g Bite Size Box is a Perfectly delicious giveaway for staff or clients with your own artwork or logo and message on the front sticker.   

For Retailers:

Our Ziplock pouches are a fast selling delicious Snack to sell at till points, gondolas or stack on shelves.