Pillow Packs - Fully Branded

Pillow Packs are a great marketing product as they can be branded in full colour, with your company logo or event theme design.  They are great for events, invitations, corporate deskdrops or giveaways or for the service industry as a thank-you gift or promotional item.


Branding and Sizes:

Branded Pillow Packs are available in two sizes: Our most popular and economical size: Mini (80 x 65) and the Maxi (100 x 80) for a more generous giveaway! 

Printed in full colour with your design or logo. 

We can also offer a gloss UV Varnish for a more exclusive requirement.  


Our most popular Pillow Packs are the Jelly Bean Pillow Packs, available with mixed colours or "By-Colour" jelly bean selection.  Other contents available are peanuts and or Raisins or other sweet or savoury snacks available on request.

We can also supply Branded Pillow Packs excluding contents.


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